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I love to work on projects around the house.  It’s just a relaxing thing for me and I suppose the only real hobby that I have.  Fortunately, it ties into how I make my living, therefore allowing me to share with you these great ways to spruce up your home…even if you aren’t ready to just into the Upstate Real Estate Market.

Be Warned: I do not take this lightly, therefore I do not look like an HGTV host when I shoot video of my projects.  I am all natural…no makeup, paint clothes and all, so no judging allowed.

Some of the projects I have tackled (sometimes with my husband’s help) and share with you range from the agonizingly long process of how an OCD person refinishes her kitchen cabinets to a cool way to display family recipes.

Whether you like to take on these types of projects or just get satisfaction from watching others do them, lol, keep reading, or check out the Realtor Rehab playlist on our You Tube page.

Realtor Rehab: Kitchen Table

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One of the most used pieces of furniture in your home is likely your kitchen table.  Think about it, breakfast, lunch, dinner, homework, your work, folding laundry.  It gets a lot of use and if it’s like mine was, that use likely shows.  So whether you just want to breath some new life into your […]


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