Beyond the Basics: Discover Unique Ways to Thwart Frozen Pipes and Embrace Warmth in Winter

Surviving the chill of the latest cold snap may require some effort, but the payoff is worth it when you steer clear of frozen pipes and stay comfortably warm indoors.

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Surviving the chill of the latest cold snap may require some effort, but the payoff is worth it when you steer clear of frozen pipes and stay comfortably warm indoors.

Did you know that the majority of flooding claims handled by homeowner’s insurance stem from burst pipes? I can’t provide the source, as it slipped through my fingers during research, rest assured that this information is fresh and accurate—after all, the internet is infallible, right? Regardless, the last thing you want is frozen pipes, and I’m with you on that! Each time the cold weather hits, we’re inundated with advice on preventing pipe freeze, but I delved into lesser-known tips and ways to keep your house cozy.

Let’s delve into the realm of Freezing Pipes:

In a recent conversation with Matt from Gilbert Plumbing, I sought his recommendations to thwart frozen pipes. Sure, he touched on the basics like opening cabinet doors and letting faucets drip on exterior walls—we’re all familiar with those. However, he shared three lesser-known tips:

  • Unhook water hose from spigot: Water can back up into the pipe, failing to drain completely and leading to freezing in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Purchase pipe insulation for your spigots: An affordable layer of protection available at your local hardware store.
  • Close vents in the crawl space: Minimize the influx of cold air into your crawl space to safeguard pipes in unheated areas.

In case you find yourself dealing with frozen pipes, Gilbert Plumbing offers residential real estate services in Anderson, SC, Greenville, SC, and nearby areas.

Now, let’s focus on keeping Your House Warm:

While frozen pipes grab the spotlight during intense cold, it’s essential to explore methods to maintain warmth indoors. I consulted with Craig at Mountain View Mechanical, who shared some valuable trade tips:

  • Close vents in the crawl space: Consistent with Gilbert Plumbing’s advice, keeping warm air in and cold air out helps maintain warmer temperatures inside.
  • Avoid fluctuating your thermostat: Instead of lowering the heat while away and cranking it up upon return, maintain a moderate temperature. It’s easier for your unit to catch up when adjusting a few degrees.
  • Check the seal around doors and windows: Run your hand around for drafts; if you feel one, consider replacing weather stripping. If time is tight, placing a towel at the bottom can help reduce cold air infiltration.

For residential real estate owners in Anderson County, SC, seeking assistance with heating, Mountain View Mechanical is at your service.

One more tip for a warmer home that we use in both the extreme winter and summer temps is to keep blinds and curtains shut. While your plants may not appreciate it, this simple measure can contribute to a cozier living space in extreme winter and summer conditions.


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