#TipsoftheTrade: Genius Idea for Remembering Paint Colors

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Picture it, your walls have been loved since you last painted and you just need to touch up the paint in your home rather than painting the entire rooms.  Great, but there is a problem…you don’t remember what paint color you used.  You can go through the painstaking process of trying to match the color, or you can just use this little Tip of the Trade to make your life easy.

When you paint a room, before you put the light switch cover back on, take a sharpie and write the paint details on the back.

This way you will never have to worry about paint matching again! Genius, I tell you, pure genius!!

Another purpose this serves is if you ever sell your house, you can share your secret with the new owners and, if they like the paint colors, they won’t have to worry about seeking it out.  Win, Win, Win!

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PS, a Facebook friend posted this photo from a share.  I was unsuccessful in find the photographer, but if it’s you, let me know and I’ll be happy to add a photo cred! 
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