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One of the most used pieces of furniture in your home is likely your kitchen table.  Think about it, breakfast, lunch, dinner, homework, your work, folding laundry.  It gets a lot of use and if it’s like mine was, that use likely shows.  So whether you just want to breath some new life into your table or you want to spice up the kitchen before putting it on the market for sale, this quick and easy makeover can be done in a weekend at a very affordable price!  Take a look…


As I mentioned in the video, I used the paint that I used on my kitchen cabinets on the base of the table and the chairs.  If you don’t have any, if your table is the size of mine, a quart should work just fine.  I purchased the paint sprayer when we redid our kitchen cabinets for $50 and if you’re a project junky, you will definitely get your money’s worth.  You can find it on Amazon.  As for the stain, I prefer the MiniWax Dark Walnut, but it comes in all types of colors, so pick what goes best with your existing decor.  I had this in my garage, so I didn’t have to spend any extra money.  Just because, when I purchased the poly (which was also left over from another project), I purchased the same brand as the stain, so I grabbed the Mini Wax Polycrylic.  I prefer that over the polyurethane and I like the high gloss, but again, that’s personal preference.

Now on to the process!

I sanded the table top down to bare wood.  My sides fold down on my table so I sanded inside those crevices as well as around the outer edges.  I used a high grit sand paper, 330, so I could get a super smooth service.  I did have to repair one crack, so I used wood filler, let it dry, then sanded it smooth.

As you saw in the video, I covered the table top and spray painted the base of the table and my chairs.  After 24 hours, I removed the trash bag cover and went to work with the stain.

Pay Attention Here:  Where I repaired the crack, the stain did not cover it, so I followed the instructions on the can and put on three coats of stain.  That worked to blend it in well enough to satisfy my OCD issues, HAHA!  I topped that off with three coats of high gloss polycrylic.  I used high gloss and three coats because the shine will dull over time with use, so I didn’t want it to dull to the point of absolute dullness before it’s time.

So that’s it.  I didn’t buy a thing for this project.  Everything I used, I already had left over from other projects.  It just took a little bit of my time over the course of three days…which, by the way was mostly drying time, not working time.

I love working on these #RealtorRehab projects.  They give such a sense of accomplishment, plus they make my house look great.  And, it’s not a bad way to save money when the time comes to get your home ready to sell.


Got Questions?  Need Advice?  CONTACT ME!  I would love to talk #RealtorRehab with you.  Make sure to include a photo of your latest project so we can show it off on our FACEBOOK page!

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