Halloween Memories

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In case you don’t know, All-Star Real Estate is a small real estate firm that is family owned and operated.  Steve and I (Patti) have two daughters, April and Amber.  April is also a Realtor and is the person you hear from most on our website and social media pages.  When the girls were young, Halloween at our house was always a hectic day, especially if it fell on a school night (there was no moving it to the weekends back in the 80’s and 90’s, LOL!), but it was always a memory in the making!  Memories that I wanted to share as we approach the big day this year.

We would rush home from school and work, change the kids into their outfits and hit the streets. Although, it was more like hit the houses. We’d go from house to house, of people we knew, getting into and out of the car with kids and treat bags in tow. If they wore face masks it made it even harder for them to see out of those tiny little holes that never lined up with their eyes. Once back in the car, they would dig through their bags to see what goodies they received for saying the magic words, “Trick or Treat”, knowing there would be no tricks, only treats. We usually would save the last two stops for the Grandparents house, where they knew they would get the pick of their candy stash. The last stop was somewhere like Burger King or McDonalds, for a quick bite of something without chocolate. Then we’d head home for baths and a little desert from their pumpkins full of goodies. When the girls got bigger, they would go to their Grandparents house and help them hand out candy to the other trick or treaters in the neighborhood.  Even our dog, Sebastian, got in on the dress up action 🙂

But for me, Halloween was more than costumes, decorated faces, and candy. It was a time to make special family memories; watching the excitement on the girls faces, as they dressed up in their chosen outfits and receiving their favorite (and some not so favorite) treats. Yes, it was a rushed evening of running here and there, in and out of the car, in cold, warm or wet weather, but it was special time spent with the girls, enjoying their laughter (and sometimes tears).  The girls may be grown and have kids of their own, but Steve & I will now begin the tradition of making memories with our two year old granddaughter, Lillian and we couldn’t be more excited!

That’s what life should be made up of – family times and special memories to carry with us and to one day be able to share with their kids. Leave the dirty dishes, they will be there when you return. All too soon your kids will be grown and away from home. Take time to enjoy your family! They are only little once.

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