#RealtorRehab: Something is Missing!

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Ooooh ya’ll!  We are so close that I can see my kitchen being back to normal 🙂  Time was the biggest factor in getting from last episode to this episode.  I had to run over the cabinets with another coat of paint and then let them dry.  However, there could be a hiccup in our future.  Take a look:

I’m going to work on this little problem and hopefully we’ll have it fixed and be on our way to cured cabinets and putting things back in their place!

WHAT DID WE USE:  We’re to the point where there are very few new products we’re using.  I’m just painting and painting and painting, LOL!  I will say that I switched to a new roller for the final coat of paint on the cabinets themselves.  The other one I had used for two coats was getting a bit messy and I have a six pack, so why not, right?  I’m still using my handy dandy paint sprayer.  This thing was so worth the $50 we spent on it.  WOW!  It cuts painting time for the doors/shelves in half…quite literally.

WHAT DID WE LEARN:  Patience!  We’re (or I am) learning patience.  Nothing moves quickly in the drying process and I want to make sure everything is dried really well before I start putting items back in the cabinets or attaching hardware to the doors.  So if you’re OCD like me and you’re tackling this project…you’re almost there!

Wanna catch up on how we got to this point? 

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