Realtor Rehab: Kitchen Cabinets_Episode 5 | Light at the End of the Painting Tunnel

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I see the light! I see the light!   Ya’ll those rollers and that paint sprayer worked like a charm.  It is so nice to have six of the 15 cabinets DONE on the inside.  From the mess in my dining room to the experimental phase that we had to endure to my entire downstairs being one big ball of dust from sanding, my OCD nerves are shot and we need to get this project moving along!  I told my husband not to EVER let me tackle a job this big again.  He has permission to just shut me down if I even bring it up.  Mess aside, I miss our friends.  We’ve spent countless hours on this for the last month and still have at least a few more weeks to go and I’d like to see them again soon.  🙂

If you’re just popping in on the blog, catch up with this week’s episode, then I’ll give you details on how we got here.

WHAT DID WE USE:  The paint we’re using is Sherwin Williams Pro Classic.  First let me tell you, it is not cheap, but stay with me, because it’s worth it!  I was afraid to come home with the receipt when I bought our two gallons, lol!

Funny story:  I didn’t look at the price (which is not normal for me).  I just knew that every article I read mentioned this paint, among others, but none with such a large consensus, so this is the paint I had to get.  Sherwin Williams was having a 40% off sale, so I thought that would be a good time to go ahead and get the paint.  After taking home FIVE samples (my husband couldn’t understand why I needed to sample five colors of white, haha!), I had picked my color and ordered my paint.  She rang it up and gave me the total.  WHOA!  But I needed it so there was no turning back.  Turns out, it’s exactly what I needed.  It is the absolute smoothest paint I have ever used, and I have painted a LOT!

This is also the same paint we used in the $60 tool that has changed my life forever…my brand new paint sprayer!  I bout it from Amazon because it had fantastic reviews and it was 20% off.  I had to call Sherwin Williams to make sure, but we didn’t even have to thin the paint, which I was very excited about.    Ya’ll, I had all the doors and shelves painted in less than two hours.  It was amazing!  We set up a little paint station beside our house, but not too close so overspray would get on it.  I put two blocks down to put the doors on while I spray.  Once sprayed, I slid my hand under and picked it up flat and carried it back to it’s spot in the garage to dry.   Check out the results below.

On the cabinets, I followed the same technique as last week, in that, I used my favorite brush to cut out the corners and then the foam rolled the big parts.  It made all the difference in the world.  So, we will roll on with the rest of the cabinets.  As a reminder, we only did a few cabinets to experiment, so now we’ll go back and hit the other cabinets with a 150 grit sand paper and use the foam roller to finish the job.


  1. Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint is AMAZING (PS, they did not pay me to say that!)
  2. My brand new paint sprayer is AMAZING (minus the instructions…those weren’t so amazing)!
  3. If you’ve never used a paint sprayer, read through the instructions all the way before beginning.  We didn’t and I spilled paint everywhere when I opened the container to refill it.
  4. Clean the paint sprayer when you’re done and don’t wait for the paint to dry
  5. Make sure the blocks you’re setting your doors and shelves on do not get covered in paint.  If they do, switch them out with new blocks.  You don’t want paint on the back of the doors.
  6. Spray the sides of the doors, then the top (or bottom) to prevent marks
  7. It’s ok to have a temper tantrum…umm I mean breakdown, LOL!…as long as you use it as motivation and bounce back and get things done (remind me of this next time I have a breakdown over this project!)
  8. If you have OCD tendencies like I do, never again attempt a job this big that will affect your daily life as this one has.  Although, when it’s all said and done, I’m sure I’ll be happy we did.


UP NEXT: A lot of paint drying, haha!  You should be able to see a clearer picture of the finished project in next week’s episode.

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