This is the Must Have for Every Upstate Snow Fall!

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For as long as I can remember, when Upstate snow is forecast, my mom, and now I, make sure we are stocked up with a few essential items before the storm hits.  Most people have milk sandwiches in mind, but in the White and Osborne households, we’re thinking about something a little sweeter…SNOW CREAM!

With each Upstate snow forecast, we would set bowls out on porch steps and wait…and wait…and wait 🙂  With good snowfalls, those bowls would fill up to the brim (you need A LOT!) and with not quite as good snowfalls, we’d scrape the top layer off items in the yard.  We were very careful to only get the clean, top layer and never touch the item itself.  We’d come inside and my mom would get to work on her Snow Cream recipe:


*I typically opt the Eagle Brand condensed milk over the sugar*

Because Upstate snow is so rare, when we were lucky enough to get multiple bowls full, we’d even save some and freeze it for another day.  My girls are grown and in college now so lately, they miss out on the snow cream but it doesn’t mean I stop making it.  We have 11 kids in our cul-de-sac, so now, I make snow cream for them and their parents.  So, as you prepare for Upstate snow this winter, make sure your grocery list includes sugar, Eagle Brand condensed milk, and vanilla flavoring.  When everyone is out enjoying the white stuff, make up a batch.  We hope this becomes a tradition in your home, like it has ours,  and you enjoy it with your family and neighbors!

Upstate snow is such a special event because most of us get to actually stop and enjoy the time with our families, which is super rare these days.  So, if you’re lucky enough to get snow this time around, we encourage you to start a new tradition.

Send us pics of your family and neighbors enjoying Snow Cream!   We may share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages    

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