It’s Not All About Real Estate…

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I know this isn’t completely related to buying or selling a home, but we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about the quotes you see on a daily basis on the All-Star Real Estate social media pages.

Years ago, Patti White, the co-owner of All-Star Company, Inc. began putting various sayings on our sign at the office. They range from serious to funny, inspirational to encouraging, but they always catch the eye of those driving by.

Because of the attention they began to draw, Patti started writing down these sayings anytime she saw one she liked. Whether they were in a magazine, online, or from a church sign, she would jot them down. That jotting led to an entire binder full of quotes and sayings on many different topics.

The sign even caught the attention of one reporter from the Anderson Independent-Mail who wrote an article on the sign and the quotes we’ve used over the years.

One message that was posted several years ago on our sign prompted my favorite response. It was so popular, we’ve left it up and it can still be seen today. It says “Some Gave All, All Gave Some. Support Our Troops.” On a normal day in Upstate Real Estate, a Colonel in the United States Army stopped by the office. Steve greeted him and the Colonel said he drove by our office on a daily basis and he wanted to stop to say “Thank You” for posting this message, and of course, Steve thanked him for his years service. It gives me chills just thinking about it!

Now that we have entered the world of online Real Estate, we wanted to impact more than just the citizens of Anderson. The sayings you see each morning on our social media platforms are from those that have been collected as well as others we’ve found along the way. We hope that they will make you smile, think a little deeper, or just make you say “ah ha.” Either way, we hope you enjoy them as much as the drivers on Whitehall Road in Anderson have over the years.

We’ve had many people send us words that are important to them and we’ve used them, so if you have a quote or saying that has made a difference to you, please share them with us. You can email them to  AND, if you’d like to see our daily posts and aren’t already following us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or you can follow me on Linked In.







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